It is with great joy and excitement that we welcome you to the Czerapowicz Basketball Camp.

Those of you who have been with us before know that this camp is about more than just basketball. It's about building friendships, developing your skills and having fun all of us together. We look forward to continuing this journey with you and watching you prosper and grow as players and as individuals.

This year we have planned even more exciting workouts, challenges and competitions for you. We will work together, sweat together and have fun together. And remember, every moment on the court is an opportunity to learn and improve.

We can't wait to have you join our basketball family, where we not only play the game, but also build bonds and create memories that last a long time. Let's throw ourselves into this basketball adventure with enthusiasm and commitment.

This year will be even better! See you on the court!

New for this year:

  • Additional spots at the camp as we added a third court to our previous two

  • More age groups

  • Divided into age groups, specifically for individual training and games

  • Longer days for the 2 oldest age groups

  • Opportunity for the oldest age group to play pickup with the coaches in the evening

  • Possibility of overnight stay

  • Dinner for the 2 oldest age groups

  • More coaches and even more experience

  • More focus and more time spent on the individual station workouts

  • On Saturday we open for coaches from outside to come and observe how we

    train in case they want inspiration 

Sign up at the link below!


About us:

We started this camp to give back our experiences that we have accumulated over the years to youth in basketball. By offering a demanding camp for boys and girls ages 2003-2011, we share and give you the tools that got us to where we are today and hopefully it can help you take the next step. You will get new angles; we mix basketball with physical fitness and will work a lot individually and focus on each and every person there. We really want you to feel that we care and want to see you develop, because we do!

Our concept is -TRAIN LIKE US-,

This means that we plan these workouts in the same way we plan our own sessions. Specifically in the summers when we work individually to a higher degree since we are not with our club teams at that point. Therefore, we will demand a lot from you all in the same was as we demand a lot from ourselves. This should of course be fun, but also tough and rewarding. None of us leaders, coaches as well as players and physical trainers, have gotten to where we are today by taking it easy. When we train, we do it both efficiently and hard, every minute is important and that is precisely why your workouts will be well planned and thought out down to the smallest detail and into every moment of the session. We all have goals and visions for ourselves, but the important thing is not the end result but how we get there. If we build the right habits and perform our routines with discipline, we will achieve the result we are looking for. These are the habits we are here to help you build. We look forward to sharing our ways of thinking and helping you on your journey!


Sign up for the Czerapowicz Basketball Camp 2024 on June 6-9 in Kungsbacka.

The camp is from Thursday at 12.00 to Sunday at 3 p.m. For those of you born in 2010-2011, you train until 17.00, for the older age groups we go until 21.00. Exact timetable will be sent via email and on the website when it starts to get closer to the camp. You will meet and train with talented coaches/players under the leadership of the Czerapowicz family.

For those of you who are at day camp, lunch is included as well as a jersey and t-shirt. For those of you born in 2003-2009, dinner is also included in the evening and if you choose to stay overnight, you will stay at the Nattmössan hostel, where you will also eat breakfast. For those of you born in 2003-2005, there will also be an opportunity to play pickup with the coaches.

We will train in Kungsbacka Sporthall and Varlaskolan, all within walking distance for those of you who choose accommodation, if you wish to live with someone you know, write this in the message. Payment for the camp and for a secured place must be made no later than March 31.

Registration fee:

When you register, you pay SEK 500 in registration fee, then your place is reserved. An invoice will then be sent to you at the beginning of January, which must be paid by March 31 at the latest. No refund will be made of the registration fee if you cancel your place.


In case of cancellation, the following applies (also applies in case of illness):

- Cancellation no later than 15/4. The total amount minus SEK 800 is refunded.

- Cancellation after 1/5. The total amount minus SEK 1,200 is refunded.

- Cancellation after 15/5 no fees are refunded.

If you have been selected for the national team or come with a medical certificate, we will refund the entire registration fee.

Do you have any questions? Contact us via email or Instagram!